These Cartier Objects Will Brighten Your Holidays

Discover the Cartier Objects collection just in time for the gifting season.
Friday 11 December 2020
Trinkets galore from Cartier will spruce your home right up this holiday season. Photo: Cartier

It’s the holiday season, the end of the year and a jolly good time to get your metaphorical shopping bags out to forage the online world for gifts. Be it trinkets for yourself or your loved ones, all the shops are pulling out all the stops to make sure they catch your eye this year. 

Instead of timeless timepieces, this year it’s shiny Cartier Objects that have caught our eye. They seem like simple ordinary things but the Maison has injected the Cartier style into each and every one of these objects. 



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Four different collections addressing various aspects of our material lives have all been linked together with their emblematic codes: the panther, Double C and menagerie. These symbols are all Maison signatures that echo the history and universe of Cartier.

The collections are everyday objects and accessories that will fit in seamlessly with your home decor – unobtrusive yet stylish and that exudes presence. Even though the collections look like they’re seasonal, they won’t stand out in your home or make it look like you haven’t put away your Christmas decorations after the festive season is over. 




Brightening up your study area, especially with all the time you’ll spend at home having to look at it. Photo: Cartier


This one’s for your author friend or your business husband/wife, for anyone that loves notebooks, pens and the like, and all the papyrophiliacs out there that you’ve caught sniffing the pages in books. 

This collection has everything from the first fountain pens of the brand, because classics are always in fashion, to the latest edition from the stationary department at Cartier New York. Find sketchbooks, ink pads, notebooks, pencil boxes all garnished with delicate ribbon designs or proud panthers. 




Unassuming statement pieces, an oxymoron if they ever were. Photo: Cartier


While some people are into the minimalist lifestyle, others find comfort in having brick-a-brack around the house, but these knick-knacks still serve a purpose and add to the ambience. 

Delicate porcelain creations like trinket trays and vases are decorated in the famed double C, panther or ribbon motif. But if wood is more your cup of tea then there are the lacquered jewellery or watch boxes. 




Delicate and simple, for the littlest one. Photo: Cartier


The most delicate member of your household deserves only the best and these trinkets will stay with your baby forever. From egg cup to rattle, the Cartier baby objects are the most exquisite little child objects around with animal motifs embedded into them. 

Swaddle your baby in the finest cashmere blanket and frame the moment in a gorgeous silver photo frame to remember it when the terrible twos come around and you need a break. 




Game in style. Photo: Cartier


Since we can’t have large garden parties this year thanks to the virus, we might as well scale the games down too and Cartier has done that in style. Spend time with wonderfully painted wooden blocks for your little one and a good game of glass solitaire for yourself, in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Find all these stunning objects and more at the Cartier website where there is a gift for him, for her and for little ones.