These Masks Allow You To Exercise and Keep Safe From COVID-19 

Trying to stay safe and get your exercise in has been a difficult hurdle to tackle, but not anymore.
Monday 28 December 2020
American football wide receiver Deonte Harris dons the shapely mask. Photo: Under Armour 

Exercising at home would be the safest bet when it comes to reducing exposure to people and keep with social distancing. But there is only so much that you can do within the confines of four walls and most adrenaline junkies will have been bouncing off those walls by now. 

The only way to get around outside and still keep safe would be to exercise on a deserted island or to don a face mask, something now integral in the lives of many peoples. Wearing a face mask and training isn’t as easy as it sounds, heavy laboured breathing continuously into a confined space can’t sound good for anyone. 


Lacrosse player Taylor Cummings taking strides with her mask on. Photo: Under Armour


It is why a bunch of brands dedicated to sportswear have jumped on the mask bandwagon. American sportswear brand Under Armour, in particular, have managed to create a mask that complies with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) standards.  

With the summer weather bearing down in four-season countries and the typical for more tropical countries, a lightweight fabric mask sounds heaven-sent. The UA SPORTSMASK is designed to be reusable, water-resistant (for all those every-weather joggers) and has a moldable nose-bridge to stop the pesky hot breaths from fogging up goggles or glasses. 




The Mask, almost reminiscent of Bane from A Dark Knight Rises. Photo: Under Armour


The mask also has an underlying structure to keep it off the nose and mouth, which facilitates breathing more easily than any single-use blue mask. A thicker intermediate layer has been added, which lets air through but blocks humidity and perspiration, all in the name of preventing hypoxia (when the body is deprived of oxygen). 


Great care was taken into coming up with a mask that wouldn’t restrict athletes when training. Photo: Under Armour


The founders of Under Armour also point out that the fabric being used is being treated with PROTX2, a non-metal antimicrobial technology that has been shown in laboratory tests to destroy COVID-19. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is still currently evaluating to confirm its efficacy against COVID-19. 


If for some other reason Under Armour isn’t what you’re looking for then there is also the Reebok set of face masks. The household name in sports also has an athletic face mask called Face Covers. Made from a soft, breathable material, it also has soft ear straps and is slim fit in design so that it presses close to your face. 


Adidas has also come up with their version of a washable face mask that can be reused.


Source: AFP Relax News