This Californian Burger Is Eaten Dipped With Cheese

Pasadena's famous burgers can be delivered to you in the comfort of your home.
Tuesday 4 August 2020
Pasadena Burger's delicious offerings are available via delivery. Photo: Pasadena Malaysia

Cheese and a burger can never be parted, but dipping a burger into a gooey, melted version of cheese is a different ballgame altogether. Pasadena Burger’s signature California dipping burger has now made its way to Malaysian shores for the very first time. The newly launched premium burger online delivery service strives to fuse traditionally loved American flavours and cheeses with a Malaysian twist. 

Inspired by the city of Pasadena in California, home of the world’s first cheeseburger, the brand caters to foodies who love the taste of the classic gourmet burger. The online delivery service offers premium quality ingredients such as high-grade Australian beef, Cheddar cheese, and muffin-style buns along with three distinct and flavourful dipping sauces, which include Honey Cheese, Cajun Spicy Cheese, and Habanero Southern Californian Cheese.


Dip your burger into three options: Honey Cheese, Cajun Spicy Cheese, and Habanero Southern Californian Cheese. Photo: Pasadena Malaysia


This option is perfect in a time where social distancing is a norm. You can indulge in a complete gourmet burger experience by assembling and preparing it in the comfort of your home. Pasadena Burger is available via a home-kit delivery system, with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) meal kit options of two, four, six, or eight burgers. You will get to fully customize online orders with various sauce choices, which are then delivered to your doorstep to be freshly cooked at home. 

All ingredients and seasonings are provided in airtight packaging and dry ice that preserves the high-grade Australian beef. You can also opt for your burgers to be ready made in the Pasadena Burger kitchen. 


Delivered right to you, assemble your own burger at home. Photo: Pasadena Malaysia


The Pasadena Burger management team says that the brand is committed to the continuous innovation of new and bold flavours, bringing a twist to how burgers are enjoyed. They aim to ensure all Malaysians can enjoy the classic California dipping burger right in their own homes. 

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