This Glittering Ring Broke the Guinness World Record

The grandiose creation could feed a nation with the number of diamonds embedded into it.
Saturday 12 December 2020
The previous record for most diamonds on a ring was held by Kotti Srikanth. Photo: Noah Seelam/AFP

Dubbed ‘The Marigold – The Ring of Prosperity’, this chunky little number weighs a little over 165 grams (5.8 ounces). A hefty piece for delicate fingers, but this ring wasn’t really made to be worn to soirees and black-tie parties.

Harish Bansal, its creator, has knocked back requests from prospective buyers. “We have no plans of selling it right now,” he said. “It’s a matter of pride for us. It’s priceless.”

The diamond-encrusted little gem is 25-year-old Bansal’s very own audacious dream project. Bansal said he got the idea two years ago while studying jewellery design in the western city of Surat, India’s diamond hub.



“My target was always more than 10,000 diamonds. I trashed many designs and concepts over the years to finally zero in on this,” Bansal says. It’s difficult to imagine that many diamonds on a ring without them being minute. The jewellery maker’s interpretation of the ring is simply something that can be worn on your fingers.

In the end, Bansal didn’t just get 10,000 diamonds on the ring, in total The Marigold holds 12,638 diamonds. The previous world record of diamonds on a single ring was 7,801.



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Marigold, when it sits on a hand, is without a doubt eye-catching and eclipses the limb completely. It is the diamond ring to rule them all, by sheer size and diamond number. Renani Jewels have mentioned that each tiny petal in the ring’s eight-layer flower design was unique.

A statement piece, more art than jewellery, crafted with fine fingers, the Marigold is more akin to the strange and wonderful designs of High fashion and High Jewellery. Yet, Bansal says that the ring is “wearable and comfortable. ”


Source: AFP Relax News