Wednesday 25 March 2020
A decision has finally been made - the 2020 Olympics Games will be postponed. Photo: Behrouz Mehri / AFP

In case you missed it: The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is no longer happening.

The Games will, instead, be postponed to 2021 – which shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the current global COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, the Summer Olympics have only been canceled three times, all due to either WWI or WWII. Namely, during 1916 in Berlin, 1940 in Tokyo, and 1944 in London.


2020 is the first time ever the Olympics have been postponed for a different kind of war – one against the novel Coronavirus.

Most people seemed to think that the decision, although clearly disappointing, was the right call for authorities to make. As for the athletes themselves, here is what they think about the postponement: