This Lexus Model Will Put the Pedal to Your Metal

Lexus’ ES 250 Luxury will reinvigorate your excitement to be on the road
Monday 17 January 2022
Lexus’ ES 250 Luxury will reinvigorate your excitement to be on the road

The new year is the perfect excuse to reinvent your drive and regain the excitement to be back behind the wheels. Built to deliver extraordinary comfort, performance, and safety, the Lexus ES 250 Luxury is the ideal candidate for the next revving addition to your garage.

Whether you’re searching for an all-new daily drive that will drive the monotony out of your day, or an auto-star for special occasions, the ES 250 Luxury variant offers a host of features that are sure to redefine comfort and performance.

Get back into the drive

Bid goodbye to awkward handling. With the option to select between three driving modes (Sport, Normal, and Eco), there is always a way to cater to your daily needs (and wants). Further anticipating your driving demands, the car comes with an artificial intelligence transmission logic (AI-Shift Control) that can forecast the driver’s input by monitoring your pattern to execute perfectly-timed shifts. This way, drivers never have to readjust their driving patterns when they switch from car to car.

And if total control is what you seek, total control is what you get with the ES 250 Luxury. Lexus has granted the brake pedal a greater real estate, allowing for an improved sense of stability when braking. After all, being sure on the road is absolutely crucial for every road user’s safety.

Now, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the thrill of the drive!

Luxuriate in true Lexus DNA

For Lexus, there’s never a situation where comfort comes second. With the creation of the ES 250 Luxury, they made it their mission to deliver that within their design.

For the benefit of everyone onboard, the nanoe-X technology that’s integrated within the climate control system releases microscopic particles that cleanses and purifies the cabin’s air, all while deodorising the seats and upholstery. How’s that for keeping things fresh?

From infants to those with the most sensitive of skin, the air will be so pristine, any threat of irritation will be taken out by the technology.

The commodious cabin provides enough room for the driver and its passengers, but the enlarged moon roof allows warm, natural light to enter, emphasising the cabin’s sense of luxurious spaciousness. Plus, the feature totally level up the game for you. It provides welcomed distraction for children, and set the mood for adults.

Not only did Lexus crafted the ultimate cocoon with the interior, they also designed the exterior to amp up the comfort for the car’s passengers. For example, the sharp, aerodynamic silhouette is not only created for fuel efficiency, but they also dampen the sound from the outside world, cutting out unwanted noise. This will allow passengers to experience the best aural feel without traffic noise piercing through their bubble as they rock out to their favourite albums.

Experience the ES essence

All this comes without the expense of the car’s function—safety.

The Pre-Collision System (PCS) not only acts as a sentinel for any vehicles ahead, but is also on the lookout for pedestrians and cyclists that share the road. When triggered, the system alerts the driver and activates the pre-collision brake assist. On top of that, it will also decelerate in order to mitigate the effects of the collision.

When nighttime comes, the ES 250 comes equipped with the BladeScan Type Adaptive High Beam System (AHS). The blade mirror rotates at a whopping 200 times per second to create a brighter and more effective illumination, adding assurance for anxious night drivers.

Not only that, but the Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS) helps to direct the low beams in the direction the car is travelling, all measured depending on the vehicle’s speed and steering input.

Back inside the cabin, the multimedia display gets a brand new location: 112mm closer, and tilted five degrees towards the driver. This adds a layer of ease when it comes to operating the system, so that everything is within their reach.

Don’t wait. To discover more exhilarating information about the sexy sedan, click here. Get behind the wheels yourself—secure a test drive at your nearest Lexus dealer here.