Tips for Grocery Shopping During COVID-19 Lockdown

What to buy and how to make your supplies last longer. 
Thursday 2 April 2020
Felling lost on what to buy? Photo: Unsplash

Grocery shopping during COVID-19 lockdown is now the most exciting part of our lives. Planning what to buy and cook is arguably the biggest headache as most of us are set to spend a good amount of time at home. So here’s some handy tips on what to buy and how to make your supplies last longer.


milk for grocery shopping during covid-19 lockdown
Photo: Unsplash

Milk is one of the most sought after products when it comes to a lockdown.You can’t run away from it during breakfast, especially if you’re used to cereals, milk-based tea and of course dalgona coffee. But how do you store it properly after grocery shopping during COVID-19 lockdown?

Although it’s fine to freeze most foods under the right conditions, it doesn’t work as well with milk. When you defrost it, it separates and becomes chunky, and is no longer the consistency you want for drinking. However, if you’re looking to bake, that should be fine, as you won’t notice the consistency that much.


vegetables for grocery shopping during covid-19 lockdown
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Items like carrots, peas and corn are ideal for grocery shopping during COVOD-19 lockdown as it can be easily stored in the freezer, because it defrosts pretty well. This comes in handy especially if you’re adding these vegetables to prepared dishes like stews or fried rice.

On the other hand, defrosted broccoli isn’t the best, as it gets soft, mushy, and loses its crunch. But because its nutritional value stays the same, defrosted broccoli turns out great when paired with cheese, onions, and garlic to make a thick and healthy soup.


Photo: Unsplash

Being stuck at home is no excuse to skip out on fruits and replace it with a bag of doritos. While buying fresh fruit is always better, it’s important to avoid panic buying if you can’t quickly finish it before it goes bad. The solution?

Consider buying frozen fruits like berries, or simply freeze your fresh fruits like bananas. These are great to quickly whip up a hearty and nutritious smoothie that could easily replace a meal, especially when you add some almonds, peanut butter and protein powder or oats.


raw meat on ice
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Meat is another essential supply during this coronavirus crisis. Unlike most vegetables and fruit, storing meat isn’t a headache, as you can simply place them in the freezer. The bigger question is what’s the best way to use meat?

Rather than cooking meat as separate food items like whole chicken breasts, it’s best to use it to make a stew or a curry. This little hack helps extend your food supply as you practically have a couple of meals sorted, especially when paired with some rice or quinoa, for weight-watchers.

Running low on food supply? These tips for grocery shopping during COVID-19 lockdown are a great way to ensure you don’t have to head out every day or two to stock up on your essentials.

Source: AFP Relax News