Friday 11 January 2019
These aviators are in a class of their own. Photo: True Vintage Revival

Make these frames a welcome addition to your wardrobe – True Vintage Revival has just released their TVR®521 Pilot Aviator and TVR®522 models which take on historic designs dated from 1900 to 1950s.

The TVR®521 Pilot Aviators are made entirely with the Japanese Sun Platinum Metal (SPM) and are handcrafted by Japanese master craftsmen. The new model features a unique double bridge with a revival of the 1940s Bakelite brow bar.

Unlike other aviators, the TVR521 is made using the original mould of the 1940s’ AN6531 sunglasses. The design stems from the original aviator sunglasses made during the World War II era for the United States army and navy crew. Aviators were originally made in the teardrop shape to fit the shape of the oxygen masks for flight crews, however the popularity of the frames led to them becoming a style all on their own.

TVR-521-2 - true vintage revival
The TVR521s are made using the original mould of the 1940s’ AN6531 sunglasses. Photo: True Vintage Revival

The intricate Japanese filigree engravings on the arms also add a point of distinction. The new Bayonet temple design on the TVR®521 is a revolutionary intervention added to ensure impeccable fit and desired comfort. TVR®521 stands as testament to the iconic aviator as True Vintage Revival continues to celebrate the history and heritage of iconic eyewear.

If you’re after a style that harks back even further, you might like the TVR®522. It pays homage to one of the oldest vintage designs in the history of eyewear, the art deco Retro Panto — a historical wire-rimmed eye shape also made in SPM. The rim, bridge and temples are decorated with vintage coin patterns, all of which are hand-patented by TVR®’s skilful Japanese master craftsmen.

tvr-522 - true vintage revival
The TVR 522s pay tribute to a style from yesteryear. Photo: True Vintage Revival

The TVR®522 has a higher hinge position on the widest part of the temple to ensure perfect fitting — an old craftsmanship technique that dates back over 100 years. It also accentuates the eye shape and creates a flattering vintage look.

True Vintage Revivial has also created a clip-on for the TVR®522, imbibing a sense of 19th century steampunk culture into the frames. When worn, the clip-ons give a double-bridge effect, making this one of the brand’s most iconic masterpieces to-date.

TVR-522-2 - true vintage revival
You’ll be the coolest cat around with a pair of TVR-522s. Photo: True Vintage Revival

For discerning eyewear collectors and enthusiasts, these models pay tribute to the history and heritage of iconic eye shapes and designs — translating each eyepiece with precision and passion.

What is SPM (Sun Platinum Metal)?
Developed by Shintaro Kato in 1930 in Japan, SPM is a precious metal alloy. It was a very rare commodity at that time and beloved by the Showa royal family for its hardiness, resistance against corrosion and excellent skin compatibility. As such, the export of raw SPM material was not allowed back then. Its remarkable characteristics make it not only the best material for eyewear frames but also dental accessories and tools for plastic surgery. Despite the name, SPM doesn’t contain platinum — instead, it refers to the soft platinum colour after it has been polished. More importantly, the material retains its beautiful lustre even after a long period of time.