Wednesday 26 September 2018
'I did a funny.' Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP

If there’s one thing to be said about Donald Trump, it’s that he’s unpredictable.

Or is he?

He can always be counted on to speak highly of himself the country he leads and at the United Nations General Assembly, he recently left other world leaders unexpectedly laughing, after declaring that his administration was the most accomplished one in the history of United States.

Drawing applause and laughter, Trump, while delivering his speech bragged about his leadership being able to “get things done”.

“One year ago, I stood before you for the first time in this grand hall and addressed the threats facing our world and I presented a vision to achieve a brighter future for all of humanity,” he started.


“Today I stand before the UN to share the extraordinary progress we have made. In less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. So true,” he interjected, after a few members of the audience chuckled.

In response, Trump looked a little taken aback and went ahead to say “I didn’t expect that reaction but that’s okay,” to which the audience clapped and laughed.

As it seems, and in true Trump fashion, Trump has been bragging about himself and his administration being the best all of this month, according to reports by CNN.

2-Trump-Laughed At-UN Assembly-AFP - Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump speaks during a working luncheon hosted by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres. Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP

“I don’t believe there has been any administration in the history of this country that has done more in two years – and we’re not even up to two years yet – than our administration,” Trump said last week during a campaign speech in Las Vegas.

And earlier in September he said “Nobody has done what this administration has done in terms of getting things passed and getting things through.”


Let’s revisit some past achievements by previous administrations:

Abraham Lincoln – Navigated the country through the Civil War and abolished slavery.
Ulysses Grant – Stewarded the country through the Reconstruction era after the Civil War.
Woodrow Wilson – Worked to repair the world community following World War I.
Harry S. Truman – Worked to do the same post-World War II.
Ronald Reagan – Steered the country though the Cold War.
Barack Obama– Guided the country out of the Great Recession, provided healthcare to 20 million uninsured Americans.

We could go on, but we’re pretty sure you get the point.

donald-trump-kim-jong-un-saul-loeb-AFP - Donald Trump
On much friendlier terms: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un at the Singapore Summit earlier this year. Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP

Sure, Trump made nice with Kim Jong Un during the Singapore Summit and talked about denuclearisation, but we’ve yet to see any of that materialise into actual denuclearisation.

From his decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords to his immigration policies that resulted in hundreds of children being separated from their families, to his trade fight with China, Trump’s policies have been viewed as irresponsible at best and destructive at worst.

Following his speech, Trump apparently told the press that the reaction from the assembled world leaders “was great”.

“Well that was meant to get some laughter, but it was great.”

“It was great”? We’re going to venture a guess and say he misread the room.

Either way, it marks another moment in a presidency that has been full of ‘interesting moments’, to say the least.

Source: CNN

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