Vogue Lounge Has Reopened Its Doors

Taking a tentative step towards recovering lost time, this lounge is back with a fresh start.
Saturday 19 December 2020
With a bathroom like this powdering your nose will be a treat instead of a chore. Photo: Vogue Lounge

Thanks to a minuscule spiked virus, so many places of relaxation and enjoyment have been closed over the CMCO period. From bars to hotels to your favourite chicken rice shop, except this December there will be some cheer to celebrate.

Though Vogue is well known for being the premier fashion magazine internationally, the brand has branched into a variety of other ventures. Fine dining and high fashion are both artisanal fields, it’s no surprise that a meld of the two would create a fabulous lounge.


The distinctive style screams vogue, almost makes you want to break out your voguing moves. Photo: Vogue Lounge


Situated on the 38th level of Menara SuezCap 1 in Bangsar South, the Vogue Lounge has had its doors open since September 2019. That is until the virus hit our shores, like everything else, they too faced problems.

But now, the fashionable lounge has decided to reopen its doors and brave the waters of a rocky new normal. With the same swanky space it had in 2019, but now they have a fresh new menu and management, along with extra special precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.


The perfect backdrop for your next soiree, birthday bash or hen party. Photo: Vogue Lounge


What’s New

The brand spanking new menu is thanks to their New Zealand-born Australian-raised Head Chef Steve Arifin. He’s whipped up some fresh new bites for patrons to enjoy with his experience in Euro-Asian cuisine.

Dig into a combination of Japanese and European cuisine with dishes like the Hokkaido Sea Urchin with carrot puree and dashi jelly or the broiled ribeye A4 Japanese Wagyu with white onions and black garlic jus.


The newly conceptualised menu is a reflection of Eurasian and Asian-Med fusion fine dining
with Japanese and French influence. Photo: Vogue Lounge


To Wet Your Whistle

Imagine stepping into a bar and being transported onto the set of your favourite fashion movie. Vogue Lounge is the kind of place you want to hold birthday soiree’s or year-end celebrations, not in the thousands but with a select crowd.


What’s more romantic than a view of the skyline from a fabulous bar, grab your loved one and get out for the night. Photo: Vogue Lounge


Set your tongue alight with a Tokyo Fizz (Whiskey, Umeshu and Earl Grey Syrup) that you can sip sitting on the open deck of a rooftop bar with glistening gold stools and look out at the sprawling city skyline.


A refreshing combination of Whiskey, Umeshu and Earl Grey Syrup make up the Tokyo Fizz cocktail. Photo: Vogue Lounge


New Normal

To ensure the safety of its patrons the Vogue Lounge keeps strict adherence to the safety protocols and recommended standard operating procedures (SOPs). Have the peace of mind when you take the girls out for a Vogue night, because the food safety protocols follow the HACCP standards as an additional enhancement to their public health practices.


Delicately sip at your Dark Moon mix of Vodka, Espresso and DOM Benedictine while you wait for just the right man to stroll past. Photo: Vogue Lounge


It’s the end of the year, instead of heading out for big parties, which are definitely not allowed, gather instead in a small group and have a stylish little party to yourselves in this distinctive lounge.