Get Away, Close By

W Kuala Lumpur, for the young, wild and free at heart. Recharge your batteries in this home away from home.
Saturday 26 January 2019
Recharge and unwind at W Kuala Lumpur. Photo: W Kuala Lumpur

It’s not just for overseas guests, the W KL is the IT spot for sophisticated cosmopolitans who like a staycation like no other. No more excuses for not being able to get away from the daily work stress, and you won’t even have to worry that your work is piling up while you’re away. Take a break in your own backyard.

The minute you step into the W you’ll be transported to a world filled with pretty lights dangling softly from above. These classy illuminations will elicit feelings of carefree days walking under starlit skies. The W takes you to a dreamy landscape of urban chic with some warm local flair. This hotel recreates elements of KL culture in high-end style, with larger-than-life batik motifs and bamboo- inspired chandeliers.

W Hotel 2 - W Hotel
Cocktails and class are in abundance at Woobar. Photo: W Kuala Lumpur

What better way to spend a Valentine holiday than to pamper both yourself and your partner? Spas aren’t just for the ladies and at this hotel, the AWAY spa is extraordinary, not a boring ol’ thing of the past. Built with sleek designs and high-tech amenities, this is the place to relax and strip the stress out of your body. The AWAY spa offers INNER GLOW, OUTER GLOW or AFTER GLOW treatments for guests to get their glow on inside and out, even offering complimentary services like Shoulder Quick Fix, Flower Bath, Scalp Massage or Detox Cocktails. Treat yo’ self and partner to a full detox at the AWAY spa where every minute is all about you.

W Hotel 3 - W Hotel
Indulge in all the AWAY spa’s luxury treatments. Photo: W Kuala Lumpur

Its five luxury treatment rooms and six bespoke massage beds are illuminated with a dewy glow, more modern than your usual yellow-lit spas. Take the chance to jump into the en suite shower or sink into the searing baths that they have prepared in two rooms. While you’re relaxing in the water, let supple hands knead away stiff muscles with a massage that utilises Malay urut techniques.

After you’ve melted down to your bones in the spa and have become jelly, have a lovely dinner for just the two of you at one of the many eateries the hotel has to offer. YEN promises traditional Cantonese food with a modern twist in regal opulence. If that’s too close to home for you, FLOCK offers Australian food all day, focusing on organic produce and sustainable eats. For nibbles and tidbits alongside beautiful cocktails, head down to the WOOBAR, a chic all-day exploration of tongue tinglers. Not to forget the 70-seat French eatery, SAINT PIERRE for all your fine dining needs. You’re spoilt for choice.

W Hotel 4 - W Hotel
What a view! Photo: W Kuala Lumpur

It’s probably been a while since you did so get your boogie on and dance the night away in their VIP club, WICKED. Finally end the night at the beautiful WET DECK, with the most glorious view of KLCC right from the water’s edge and a drink in hand before you begin the cycle again on day two and repeat the process.