What’s In My Bag: Francisca Turner Shaik

The Frankitas owner shows us what she carries with her every day.
Thursday 29 March 2018

As the owner of colourful accessories brand Frankitas, it’s no surprise Francisca Turner Shaik, better known as Franki, owns a wide assortment of vibrant bags and wallets in all shapes and sizes. We wonder if there’s a room just for her bags in the house, as she dumps a bunch of them on the sofa in front of us.

Show us your bags!

“I think I have different favourites for different occasions. For daytime I love my Gaya bucket bag,” she decides, while for evening it’s the Frankitas Maren or Tas Malam clutches. Not only is she obsessed with her own designs, she also harbours a passion for vintage bags. “I’ve always been a bit of a bag lady.”

Next to her, her husband Abdul Jami Shaik snorts in reply.

What’s with the big bag?

Every mother has the mum bag, packed with never-ending snacks, wet wipes, extra clothes – everything you need to thwart kid disasters.

“It’s quite big, with a leather strap, and it’s sturdy and structured,” Franki says of her trusty Gaya. “I usually have my car keys, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, and a small bottle of perfume. I can also put the kids’ stuff in it and it still looks beautiful and fashionable.” There goes the ugly mummy bag stereotype.

Is there anything that isn’t supposed to be in your purse?

“The inside pocket is for keeping my wedding ring in,” Franki says, holding up her white Armani wallet.

“Excuse me, what?” Jami interrupts.

“I hardly wear my wedding ring, he hardly wears his wedding ring,” she explains.

“No, that’s because I lost a lot of weight and it doesn’t fit anymore.”

“Well, you should get that sorted out soon.”

What’s your bag really for?

“Mummy’s bag is a rubbish bin,” says Franki. We realise why when we see crumbled cookies, toys and sweets left there by her children. “The stuff I’ve found in here has ranged from rambutan pips to half-eaten chocolate wrapped in tissue.”

Jami, what do think about your wife’s style?

“My wife likes bags, accessories and shoes, but she is also very practical,” says Jami lovingly. “Her shoes and bags are always distinctive. I’m the complete opposite. Her sense of fashion is so much better than mine.”

“You know, it’s good that we’re doing this interview, I’d never hear these things from Jami otherwise,” Franki replies with a laugh.

jami-franki - bag
Abdul Jami Shaik and Francisca Turner Shaik

Our psychologist says:

“Franki seems like a self-assured woman who is not very anxious, hence the lack of clutter in the bag.” – Dr Urmilah Dass

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This article is part of a longer feature that first appeared in the April 2018 issue of UNRESERVED.