Why Driving The Lexus NX300 is a Cyclist's Dream

Cycling and the Lexus NX300 have more in common than you think.
Wednesday 4 November 2020
The NX300 in beautiful Blazing Carnelian, sporty and adventurous. Photo: Lexus MY

One wouldn’t think a bicycle and a Lexus were similar aside from the obvious, but in Azran Osman-Rani’s eyes, the Lexus NX300 “ has power and efficiency, something I look for in bikes, because good machinery can elevate your performance.” For an active lifestyle like the one he leads, the NX300 makes him feel right at home in the driver’s seat.

In the six years since its introduction into the world, the Lexus NX has become an icon of beauty. The current edition of this Lexus is beautifully smooth outside, imitating urban sports gear and comfortably silent on the inside to keep you from the worries of the world. “For me, the biggest part is how the cabin is quiet and peaceful, that experience shows me that a lot of thought and detail has been put into this car,” he notes.


Easy to use, it feels like being at the helm of a Star Trek ship with all the fancy buttons to press. Photo: Lexus MY


This particular Lexus is one of the sharpest luxury-utility vehicle designs on the road. Azran says, “It’s got a lot of technological features, but you want to be in the zone and in the flow and not have to worry about traffic and obstacles; let the car do that for you.”

Outfitted with the Lexus Safety System + (LSS+), the sublime car has key features like the Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Brake Collision Assist, Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) and Lane Departure Alert (LDA). It also features Active Cornering Assist(ACA) and advanced Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) system which means you really can leave your worrying behind and relax in the driver’s seat because the car will take care of it for you.


Smooth sloping lines form a beautiful yet powerful car. Photo: Lexus MY


The NX300 also comes with the G-force Artificial Intelligence (G-AI) system that gives you a more dynamic driving experience by selecting the optimum gear and downshift pattern in response to g-forces of the vehicle.

Drivers can pick and choose from Normal, ECO and Sport with the Drive Mode Select dial to suit their needs at the time. Particularly for the Lexus NX300 F-Sport variant, the addition of Sports S+ provides sportier driving performance with the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS). For Azran, selecting the Sport modes is the fun part, “because then you can really feel the power of this machine.”


Shift between modes to suit your driving style best. Photo: Lexus MY


Good stability in a bicycle is necessary especially when pushing it at such high speeds up and down hills, and it’s no different for the NX300. Here, the stability comes from the Dynamic Torque Control AWD that is there to create the optimum driving performance as well as handle fuel economy.

In particular, this Lexus “symbolises an active lifestyle, it has the space for things like bicycles,” Azran mentions. For the urban cyclist, it might not always be easy to find to a green spot in the city for cycling, but with the NX300 you can pop your bike in the spacious and accommodating back of the car and cruise along the highway until you find the hills.


Green or urban, this sleek NX300 gets you wherever you need to be quietly and in comfort. Photo: Lexus MY


Just like a well-made bicycle, the NX300 is “definitely is a one of a kind experience,” in that there is a certain peace when all the cogs work perfectly in unison with each other. This specific incarnation of the NX series wraps a powerful and practical SUV in an adventurous, sporty image.

With its wonderfully plush interior like a well-used leather armchair, “the way the seat holds you and you get a sense of comfort,” and the buttons optimised to maximise ease of use, it is why it should fit nicely and snugly around you like the skin-tight nylon suit of a marathon cyclist.


Snug like a bug in a rug, the NX300’s seats fit like a dream. Photo: Lexus MY


The fabulous NX300 from Lexus is priced from RM303,117 (On The Road Price Without Insurance) and comes in an array of colours that range from the bold Blazing Carnelian to the sleek Graphite Black GF. Not only that, it also comes with a comprehensive factory warranty for five years with unlimited mileage as well as after-sales support at seven different Lexus Service Centres.

Grab it now and enjoy next to no waiting time to have the key fall into your hand and a brand new car in your driveway. If you put in an order before 31 December 2020, you’ll enjoy a sales tax exemption too. 

All in all, Azran says it best: “Driving a Lexus for me is having a peace of mind.”