Why Marvel Trailers Keep Fans On Their Toes

The Avengers: Endgame teaser released at the Super Bowl gave fans mere seconds of the highly anticipated movie.
Friday 8 February 2019
Morose Steve Rogers has lost everything all over again. Photo: Youtube/Marvel Entertainment

As if the first trailer wasn’t teasing enough, Marvel dropped another one at the Super Bowl. Tossing itty bitty bread crumbs at their hungry fans, the trailer truly doesn’t give much away, which isn’t always a bad thing. Marvel has maintained its ability to tease audiences by withholding information and misdirection, which means instead of a three-minute trailer filled with all the funny scenes from the movie, we get flecks of scenes that may or may not be in the movie.

What’s In It

Where the first teaser trailer focused on Tony Stark in space, this second trailer gave a little more on those stuck on Earth after ‘The Snap’ as everyone online has begun to refer to the dusting off of half the universe’s population by Thanos. We get to see more of Chris Evan’s morose Steve Roger’s dealing with losing not only most of the population but his bed but Bucky Barnes all over again in group therapy – something he probably should have gone to a while ago. Snippets of the rest of the Avengers flash before your eyes – Black Widow in the shooting range, Hawkeye looking desperate and Thor looking more morose than Rogers. Watch it for yourself below.

Then there are a bunch of theories that have emerged but here are the favourites that we think would be most likely:

The Captain’s Last Run

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One theory floating around is that the hands tightening Cap’s shield might not be Cap at all. There has always been speculation around Steve Rogers’ departure as Captain America and who would take up the mantle, especially since it’s Evan’s last Marvel movie. The speculators have honed in on that one particular scene with shaky hands. They might just be grasping for straws at this point but the change could happen in Endgame. Will Bucky take on the job as he has in the comics?

Time Travel

ENT_Avengers Running_Apr18_2_digital_verjpg - Marvel,The Avengers

If you’ve seen Infinity Wars, you’ll know that the Hulk doesn’t actually make an appearance in this scene, yet in this photo, there he is. Photo: The Walt Disney Company (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

The main theory running around surrounds the infinity stones and the trailers from Infinity Wars. The gist of it is that we all know that the only way to get everyone back might be the time stone and with time travel comes changing the past. People have been catching on that parts of the trailers for Infinity Wars did not match the movie scenes themselves and that might mean that those scenes would actually be in Endgame. If you’ve got a good memory, take a look at the trailer below and see if you can pick out which ones have discrepancies.


The Armour

Iron_Man_Bleeding_Edge_Infinity_Wars_DigitalFEB19_CreditMarvelY - Marvel,The Avengers

Introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Infinity Wars, the Bleeding Edge armour is Iron Man’s latest upgrade. Photo: Youtube/Marvel Entertainment

The Bleeding Edge armour is the wet dream of armour fiends out there; sleek and smooth, moving seamlessly in Infinity Wars. However, it’s not the Bleeding Edge armour of the comics, not yet at least. In Infinity Wars Stark mentions that the nanites are hosted outside of his body and merely cover him in the armour, whereas in the comics his Bleeding Edge armour comes after Stark has merged with Extremis. What has most likely happened in the clash between Stark and the Mad Titan was that because he sprayed the nanites directly into his wound they began to integrate with his body. So hopefully we can look forward to Bleeding Edge armour in full form in Endgame.

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