Why The Lexus SUV Is Your Ideal City Comrade

Perfect for navigating the urban jungle. 
Monday 28 September 2020

As busy individuals who embrace a myriad of roles in our daily lives, a constant ally that we spend considerable time with is our car. Be it through traffic congestion on the way to the office, picking up the kids from school, heading out to dinner with friends or taking a road trip up north for a weekend getaway, it is of utmost importance that your car be safe, comfortable and efficient. 

Lexus’ range of SUVs are built for this purpose – to ensure that whatever you do and wherever you go, you as a driver and your passengers are protected. All Lexus SUVs are equipped with Lexus Safety System+ so there’s less worry about accidents occuring, knowing that Lexus has your back.  And of course, you’ll look stylish while driving too. Here is a quick guide to Lexus’ selection of SUVs.  


Lexus SUVs are built for urban living. Photo: Lexus Malaysia


Lexus UX 

The Lexus UX’s design makes it nimble and effortless when cruising city streets and narrower lanes. Photo: Lexus Malaysia


Lightweight and compact, the UX’s design makes it nimble and effortless when cruising city streets and narrower lanes. It has a 5.2m turning radius that allows maneuvering of the tightest of spaces and it is easy to handle since it has a low centre of gravity and advanced suspension that makes for a smoother drive. A 10.3-inch high resolution screen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows for fuss-free access and because the UX is a comfortable height, passengers are able to enter and exit the car easily. Even loading up equipment or luggage at the back is more convenient since the UX has a lower rear hatch. 

If you want to embrace a bright colour for your car, there are nine colour options for Premium and Luxury models and eight for F SPORT. Standout shades are Blazing Carnelian (cheery orange) or Celestial Blue.  


Lexus NX

The Lexus NX is roomy, plenty of luggage space and hands-free opening of the boot for your convenience. Photo: Lexus Malaysia


Looking for a roomier ride? The NX has plenty of space at the back for any sports gear or equipment that you may have, which makes it great on trips where you have to drive long distances. Also, a feature of the NX is its  60:40 split power reclining seats, so if you have bigger items that need to be put at the back, the allowance of the seats to be able to recline makes a big difference. And if you have your hands full of shopping bags? No worries, the hands-free power back door allows you to unload your items with no issues at all. 

Inside, the NX’s interior has been optimised with switches and controls that can be reached easily and its Remote Touch Interface (RTI) is intuitive and user-friendly. 


Lexus RX 

The Lexus RX: luxe and comfortable all at once, it is sturdy and safe for the family while looking sleek and professional for work too. Photo: Lexus Malaysia


The RX is Lexus’ best-selling SUV and it’s easy to see why. It’s luxe and comfortable all at once and it is sturdy and safe for the family while looking sleek and professional for work too. 

A key safety feature of the RX safety is that it posesses the world’s first BladeScan™ type Adaptive High Beam System (AHS). This produces a wider illumination area when the car’s highbeams are turned on without blinding vehicles around you so you still get the lighting brilliance you need on a dark night, minus the glare. It is the latest generation of Lexus Safety System +. 

Inside, there are RX seats which have been designed ergonomically and can be reclined, as well as a multimedia touchscreen system that connects your phone to the car, complete with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. You can opt for paddle shifters, a smartphone holder on the centre console as well as dual USB ports at the front and in the rear of the vehicle to be added too. And if you don’t want to fuss with wires especially when driving, you can charge your devices with the wireless charger in the centre console. 


Lexus LX

Spacious, comfortable and able to take on terrains off the beaten path, the LX is built for adventure. Photo: Lexus Malaysia


If space is what you want, space is what you’ll get with the LX. Lexus’ flagship model is roomy and able to seat eight, which means a big family or additional passengers will feel extremely comfortable seated at the back. And the LX can take any off the road trip that you might be planning because of its V8 engine and 21-inch forged wheels.

 Since it is equipped with the Lexus Safety System+ just like all Lexus SUVs, your driving experience will be an even safer one. A Panoramic View Monitor allows for 360 degree views, giving the driver safety in angles not commonly seen from driver’s seat, the Blind Spot Monitor will alert you if there are cars approaching from behind and the SUV’s sensor-controlled 10 SRS airbags ensure all passengers are protected during an accident. 


Head to your nearest Lexus Center for more information on exclusive deals. An exclusive Lexus Touch n’ Go* card is yours when you test drive a Lexus.