Why You Have to See The New Game of Thrones Trailer

Winter is here after seven seasons of anticipation and the Starks might finally all be together once again.
Wednesday 6 March 2019

The only ones who are more secretive about their final hurrah than Marvel Studios is about the Avengers, are HBO with the final six-episode season of their great epic, Game of Thrones. Today, they dropped the trailer that everyone has been anticipating since the seventh season finished. It’s just as shiver-inducing as you think, all the while not revealing much about what is to come.

The few things that we are being shown do not ease fans’ worries at all. Upon quick review, the trailer is essentially a recap of the characters that we do have left, including the few Starks we have been cheering on. It also reminds us of some characters we haven’t seen in a while like the bastard Gendry. Unfortunately, with final seasons come final deaths and with Game of Thrones, we know that no one is safe. It’s as if the trailer is a reminder of the fact that we may lose any one of them, so hold your bae close to your heart.

There are so many questions that have mega fans screaming. First up is why Arya Stark is running when she spent several seasons building up her resistance to fears. The main speculation at the moment is that she might be running from dead relatives risen from the dead by the presence of the Night King. Secondly, will we actually get to see Arya and Jon’s meet up this season? Fans have been waiting for it since they split up.

With this much anticipation built up around the ending, we can only hope for one heck of a season. Make sure you find out how to turn the brightness up because HBO promises a dark season, we could barely see Ghost in the background.

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