Wednesday 20 November 2019
Mumm Grand Cordon and Mumm Cordon Rosé boldly displaying their red sashes.

Now this would be a bottle that would sit proudly on your shelf long after you’ve emptied its deliciously bubbly content. G.H. Mumm’s sparkling new hallmark cuvée, the Mumm Grand Cordon and the Mumm Cordon Rosé are now housed in the world’s first ever champagne bottle minus a traditional label, the bottle now bearing an imprinted red sash in a redesign by industrial designer and visionary Ross Lovegrove.

The red sash has been incorporated on the bottle as a tribute to France’s iconic red sash, which is the highest civilian award (The Légion d’Honneur) that has been emblazoned on every bottle of Mumm champagne since 1876.

MUMM Pavilion D1-2 - GH Mumm
The traditional look of G.H. Mumm’s bottles of champagne.

The bubbly itself has been crafted from 300 pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier base wines sourced from over 100 different crus. The new bottle, which is also made of 75% recycled glass, is designed to be an optimal oenological shape with an unconventionally long and slender neck, specially designed to accompany the development of this exclusive cuvée’s distinctive flavour, one of which stands out is its pinot noir note.

“Mumm Grand Cordon is about making a statement,” says Sebastien Mouquet, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia. “This signature cuvée means doing things your own way, creating your own style, celebrating your own triumphant achievements.The new bottle design boldly breaks convention. It sets the tone for Mumm Grand Cordon, a cuvée that embodies Mumm’s affinity with daring achievers everywhere. It’s about honouring the past, but with a reinterpretation for the future.”

Mumm Corddon Rosé - GH Mumm
The Mumm Cordon Rosé sitting pretty.


Welsh-born Lovegrove’s work has always been inspired by nature and bear a balance between technology, material science and organic form. Apart from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, his handiwork have often been displayed in the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Axis Centre Japan, Pompidou Centre, Paris and the Design Museum in London.

To further highlight G.H. Mumm’s passion for innovation and daring spirit, the brand also collaborated with Malaysian bespoke perfumer OLFAC3 to create an exclusive, signature Mumm scent that is fresh and uplifting. It best complements the rich bouquet of scents that is Mumm champagne.

Mumm Grand Cordon and Mumm Cordon Rosé in their exciting new bottles will be available nationwide in 2020.

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