Monday 6 December 2021

Maybe it’s the upcoming anniversary of the group or the pure excitement of just getting out there but Hong Leong Yamaha Motors Sdn. Bhd, for the first time launched not one, not two, but three(!) new motorcycles in October 2021 here in Malaysia. 


Luxury in Motion

Think ‘scooter’ and what comes to mind? Well for most, it’s just a simple but reliable way to get around with ease. Of course, Hong Leong Yamaha had to do it differently and butch up their scooter, and the result is the stunning TMAX560. 

This 562cc sport scooter not only looks great, but comes with a host of features normally reserved for luxury cars, such as a TFT multi-function display panel and even a hot new LED T-shaped rear light to help you stay out of trouble.  

Now, don’t think that this sport scooter is limited to just city riding as its generous 15-liter tank will be more than capable of taking you long distances, no sweat. But when you hit that nice stretch of highway (or byway), the electronically-controlled windscreen will make it easier for you to deflect the wind.  

The TMAX 560 can be yours for RM 72,288 and has two colour options—Tech Kamo and Power Grey.


Yamaha MT-09 Hyper Naked Bike

Explosion of Power

The naked bike is ideally a bike for those who crave performance and handling in a light but deadly (for its competitors) package. Ever since the MT-09 reintroduced the three cylinder engine back to Yamaha’s stable in 2012, it has only improved further with this newly developed liquid-cooled 889cc engine.

The MT-09 was designed with a minimalist mentality, but still the creators did not forget the fundamentals of road safety, performance, and of course all the tricks in the book to keep the motorcycle safe on the road. 

So what does RM 54,998 buy you? Well for starters, the lighter and more energy efficient engine powering the MT-09 that comes with a six axis Inertial Measurement Unit which combines the benefits of TCS, SCS and LIF, a feature found also in the legendary YZR-R1. After all, what is power without control? That’s why you are allowed the flexibility to maximise the potential of your MT-09 with a flick of a switch and select which riding aid you need.

Colour choices include Icon Blue and Storm Fluo.



Road Conqueror

With the same crossplane three engine as the MT-09, what makes the Yamaha Tracer 9 GT worth the premium price tag. For those who just love cruising down the old truck roads, the extra 7% torque will help you get in and out of those long sweeping corners with ease. Thanks to the major upgrades on the suspension, the new lightweight aluminium frame and a host of other features, you will be able to do it safely and surely. 

To further add to its versality, the adjustable seating will ensure that you can enjoy your next road trip in maximum comfort too. Let’s not forget that cruise control that can be used in the fourth gear, or 50km/h onwards. 

While on the subject of road trips, this motorcycle also feels at home for the arduous city commute that most of us have to endure to get to work. The Tracer 9 GT comes standard with same 6 axis IMU as the MT-09 and lighter and smaller than the IMU in the YZR-R1, and furthermore matched to the KYB and Yamaha electronic suspension, so you are in safe hands. 

Choose between the Icon Performance or Redline colour before shelling out RM69,498 for the Yamaha Tracer 9 GT.

All these bikes are readily available at authorised Yamaha Big Bike Centres. Be the first 300 lucky owners to take home a personalised Big Bike Key Pouch crafted by Royal Selangor and a Yamaha Disc Lock.  Our price shown are recommended retail price, and it excludes registration, road tax, and insurance fee. For further information on the motorcycles, you can check them out here!