Friday 13 December 2019

If you’re one of those who enjoy a dram of LOUIS XIII every now and again, we’d say you’ve already entered an exclusive club. But with the brand’s new Smart Decanter, you can make your phone do all the work for you, no matter where you are, even if you’re clad in your pyjamas in the comfort of your living room.

This year, every bottle of LOUIS XIII purchased has NFC technocolgy intergrated in its Smart Decanter, allowing you seamless access to a whole new world of exclusive privileges. For one, each decanter (which can only be registered to one account), will directly connect you to the LOUIS XIII Society, a private club where its members can enjoy exclusive content, unique experiences and personalised services through your smartphone.

One little chip, a whole new world. Photo: LOUIS XIII

Your access grants you bespoke services such as customised decanter engraving, pre-releases of limited editions, contact with a LOUIS XIII Personal Advisor for private tastings and ultimate experiences, and an invitation to network with LOUIS XIII Cognac connoisseurs registered all over the world. In addition, the LOUIS XIII Smart Decanter will allow you to customise gifting messages that will appear when the recepient scans their decanter.

Tap to be connected. Photo: LOUIS XIII

How does it work? Download the NFC app, remove the decanter’s seal, and tap and scan your phone on the cork stopper to access the LOUIS XIII Society landing page. There, you will have to create and account or log in to your existing one where your decanter’s number will then be automatically registered. It’s a whole new technological way to enjoy your cognac.

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