Amazing Graze: Your New Fail-Safe Power Meeting Spot

Graze at Hilton Kuala Lumpur serves up a memorable meal to seal the deal.
Friday 21 June 2019
Chef Darius serves up the perfect lunch course.

If there’s one place to nail that power lunch meeting, it’s at Graze Restaurant in Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Tucked away in a discreet location that’s just a quick trot away from the hotel’s newly refurbished lobby, this dining spot combines cosy ambience with sleek furnishings that implies serious business in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Chef Darius adding the finishing touches to the creamy mushroom risotto.

Chef Darius Seitfudem puts together the perfect three-course meal that draws on using the best quality ingredients while also taking advantage of some of the freshest locally sourced vegetables to create unpretentious modern European dishes.

For starters, the mushroom risotto and mascarpone and fresh basil may seem like a hearty appetiser, but after one bite of the rich and silky dish, you’ll be looking forward to the next bite. The combination of fresh basil brings out the very best of the creamy and woody aftertaste of the truffle.

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The rich and silky risotto makes for a perfect indulgent starter.

Set off the creaminess with a glass of crisp white wine. The sommelier pairs the dish with the Vesevo Greco di Tufo 2017, from Tufo, Campania Italy, that tops off the notes with aromatic ripe pears that adds a fresh burst of flavour to the rich dish.

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The perfect pairing to the creamy risotto. A crisp glass of white wine.

The second course, the roasted rack of lamb in herb brioche crust is the star of the show. The tender young lamb is roasted to perfection and coated with slightly crispy herb brioche that lends a hint of freshness to the smoky meat, giving it a unique contrast of textures and flavours. Served with charred eggplant, roasted peppers, buttery creamed potatoes, pickled cucumber and a drizzle of thyme jus that adds a zing to the dish. Red meat calls for a bold glass of red.

resized1200_Graze Hilton198 - Food review

Tender young lamb, covered in a fresh herb brioche crust gives the dish a unique combination of textures.

The lamb dish is paired with the La Rioja Alta Vina Ardanza Rioja Reserva 2008, a three year aged wine with tasting notes such as blackcurrants and cherries, with hints of black pepper and coves with slight hints of caramel and vanilla that accentuates the tenderness of the lamb.

resized1200_Graze Hilton211 - Food review
Nothing better than a bold glass of red to accompany red meat.

For a sweet ending, dessert is served with the Valrhona chocolate mousse that just melts in the mouth. The rich mousse is made even more special paired with a glass of port with the Fonseca Late Bottled Vintage 2008 from Douro valley that has aged beautifully after over six years in the barrel.

resized1200_Graze Hilton313 - Food review
Simple yet devastatingly delicious. The melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mousse makes the perfect ending to the meal.

With vivid bursts of cherries and hints of dark chocolate, it perfectly complements the rich and dark mousse.

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Top things off with a sweet glass of port.

Regardless of whether you managed to seal the deal or not, you can be rest assured that with a meal like that, you’ve left a great impression.